Transformation Consulting

Placing people at the centre of your business transformation.

It seems obvious, so why is it so hard?

Humaxis is a business design and leadership performance consultancy. We are a new class of services firm that teaches, mentors, and coaches people on how to lead human-centric enterprise transformation programs.

Leadership Performance

Brand Leadership

People/Team Development

Performance Measurement

Humaxis is highly reflective, paints with bold colours, and shares passionately. We believe in building brave and caring cultures, with strategic benefits and measurable results. Our work transforms individual leaders by raising their capacity to support, design, and evolve their organizations.

Our method combines design thinking, cognitive science, developmental coaching, and strategic architecture techniques. This enables us to gather human and data-driven insights and design business transformations for any scale of enterprise—from relatively small firms like us to globally-significant corporations and institutions.

Our manifesto is one way we share our culture with our clients and partners. It’s an entry point into a conversation about transforming the practice and culture of business. Get to know our manifesto and learn more about the type of future we look forward to creating with you.

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